Monday, September 23, 2013

What I Learned About Passion

This year I am the VP of my school's chapter of Psi Chi, the psychology honor society. I have always wanted to lead, and this position has already proved itself worthy of my time and energy. I was recently given the opportunity to attend Student Organization Leadership Day on my campus as a representative of Psi Chi. This event was meant to provide leadership education to student organization leaders. I got so much more out of it than education. It reaffirmed my passion.

The first workshop was with Hannah Brencher. Hannah began by telling us about her nonprofit organization, More Love Letters. She told us why she started MLL. She told us all about what their mission is. Most importantly, she showed us her passion. Hannah is the only person who could've founded such an organization. Why? She has a special place in her heart for it. She is the only person who had this idea and cared about it and loved it enough to start MLL.

This got me thinking. I'm at Leadership Day to learn how to lead Psi Chi. I knew I would probably learn skills that would be useful in Alpha Gamma Delta as well. What I didn't expect, was that I would decide during Hannah's session that what I'm really passionate about is community service. My real passion in life is to make a positive impact in someone's life. Everything I do, I do because it will help me change someone's life. 

Hannah used a story from her childhood to begin the conversation on passion. She and her friends began a road kill funeral service. She felt so passionately about this business, and that is what made it successful. At least, as successful as a road kill funeral service run by a second grader could be. I have this same type of story. In first grade, I decided to start a club. I didn't really know what clubs did, or how to lead a group of people, but I knew that something inside of me wanted to bring together my peers. It wasn't until about second or third grade that I knew what we, as a club, would do. We would volunteer. Now, I still didn't know how to be the president of a club. Needless to say, the "Star Club" as we called it didn't get very far. This club was important to me, though. I learned that I have a passion for helping others. This passion has shaped my whole life. It's why I am a psychology major, why I'm on the philanthropy committee within my sorority, why I'm inspired to lead Psi Chi. 

While Hannah was talking, I knew why I was there. I was learning how to lead. Not my organization, as I was told, but my passion. When I contribute to my passion, I contribute to my organizations as well. 

Follow your passion and the rest of your life will unfold before you.

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Hannah Brencher said...


Thank you so much for highlighting my talk in this blog post! I am so honored to be the inspiration for this. Keep it up + keep leading! The world is going to see some brighter things because of you, doll. Thanks for sending the link along.

tying your closer,


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