Monday, September 30, 2013

I have a slight obsession

Anyone who knows me knows that I love t-shirts. Like, to the point of obsession. I own well over 100 t-shirts and that number grows all the time. Naturally, joining Alpha Gamma Delta was a good excuse to buy new t-shirts. That's where Adam Block Designs comes in.
ABD is a company that believes in 3 things: originality, happiness, and awesomeness. They have a gallery of ready-to-order designs, but you can always come up with something unique! If you don't absolutely love your design, they will do whatever needs to be done to make you happy. Nothing leaves their hands without looking fun and captivating.
Not only do they do clothing, they do anything that can have a design on it- fanny packs, sunglasses, even bows! 
ABD was awesome enough to send me 2 shirts to give away! That means 2 WINNERS get to check out Adam Block Design's amazing designs! The Alpha Phi shirt is XS and the Dillo shirt is one size only.

*This is a sponsored post.*

1 comment:

Sarah Shimoda said...

Ooh I'm a Gamma Phi! I nominated you for the Sunshine Award :)

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